The Village Green

The Village Green
7508 Hubbard Avenue, Middleton
Date of Curd Tasting: 28AUG2010

To set the scene: In honor of the Middleton Good Neighbor festival in full swing, we decided to stay close to home with review number 2. We had spent the day outside in our driveway manning our garage sale, and had fifty George Washingtons to blow on some curds.

Menu description: Fried Cheese Curds (a Wisconsin tradition)
We asked the waitress where the curds came from, and her reply was “I don’t know <giggle>. Probably Sysco?”. Yikes. Strike 1.

The Village Green Chz Curds

Cheezaholic voted 2, Schnapps gave em a 3. Not very special. Kind of cardboardy tasting. Obviously mass produced, frozen curds. Adding mass quantities of salt did not help.
Strike 2.

Classic curdz color.

Is there such a thing as not enough greaze? Schnapps thought they needed to glisten a bit more. The salt wouldn’t even stick. However there were a couple of little greaze spots left in the bottom of the classic paper boat.

Could be worse, but not much. Thick batter walls resulted in the dreaded cheez bleed, and the ever feared hollow curd. Every curd was of identical size and shape, an immediate warning sign. Strike 3. Not happy.

The Village Green Hollow Curds

It wasn’t immediately served with the curds – the waitress asked us if we wanted some when she brought the curds to the table. Pretty thick stuff, overly peppered, and probably poured out of some IGA or Roundy’s vat. Purely average.

Price was $4.75, no extra charge for the ranch. Served in the classic, local tavern paper boat. Cheap, but you get what you pay for.

Total Score…11.5
Overall, rather mediocre. We would not order them again. This outing also resulted in a new curds review resolution: Whereas Schnapps and Cheezaholic partake of an order of cheeze curds between the two of them, they shall not each order a side of fries with their meal, but instead split one side of fries. As it was, we brought home the left over chz curds and fries to Moby and Beru who have their own grading system. Their total score was 20 out of 20! Go figure.

Note: The Village Green has upgraded their curdz! See re-review.



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