The Glarner Stube

The Glarner Stube
518 First Street, New Glarus
Date of Curd Tasting: 21OCT2010

To set the scene: Home from our Oktoberfest extravaganza, we were already missing Europe. We decided to head to New Glarus in hopes of reminding our stomachs of Switzerland, along with friend and travel companion XTC [oh, and Mark, too]. As a happy coincidence, The Glarner Stube also offers WI favs, including the beloved fried chz curd!

Menu description: Cheese curds…beer battered and deep fried.
We asked the waitress where the curdz were made. A comical conversation ensued:
Waitress: (with bleach blond, frizzy hair with huge 80’s bangs): We make them right here!
Schnapps: Yes, but where are the curdz themselves made?
Waitress: We put the batter on ourselves!
Schnapps: Yes, but where does the cheese come from?
Waitress: They come in little bags. You know! They are yellow! They are cheese!
Schnapps: Oh, ok. Thank you.

The Glarner Stube Curds

Surprising. That was the first thing that came to mind. Unlike any fried curd we had ever eaten. Tasted pretty damn good, but…sumthin just ain’t right, yo.

Inside a Glarner Curd

Classic curdz color

Perfect amount of glisten left on the finger tips.

The Glarner Batter

This homemade curdz beer batter was unlike any other batter we had ever tasted…or was it?!? Finally it hit us! This was not curdz batter, this was donut dough! They were chz curdz stuffed inside a donut! So much puffy donut, that you start to forget you are eating curdz!

The Glarner Condiment

Condiment…Peppercorn Ranch
Quite peppery, perhaps a hint of buttermilk. Very thick and rich, kind of like frosting on a donut!

That's a Big Curd

Price was $8.00. Dang, that’s a lot of moola for curdz. Granted, they were each as big as your head, but it wasn’t a huge order of em. Hard to justify the ocho.

Total score…14
Why fix what isn’t broke? You don’t monkey with tradition. Cheezaholic and Schnapps couldn’t get past the donutesque batter on the curd. XTC, on the other hand, was still in the vacation mindset that “everything that is Swiss [or served in a Swiss restaurant in the middle of southern Wisconsin] is totally awesome”, so proudly declared that “These are the best cheese curds I have ever eaten!”.  You’ll have to decide for yourself!

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