Tipsy Cow

Tipsy Cow
102 King Street, Madison
Date of Curd Tasting: 13SEP2011

To set the scene: We were giddy from the plethora of web server hits thanks to Eating in Madison A to Z’s newsflash about us on their blog, and so were motivated to do a tasting ASAP. We had checked out Tipsy Cow’s menu when we passed by after the Taste of Madison (wayyyyyy too stuffed to do a review THAT day!), and the lure of the Spotted Cow beer batter enticed us to make Tipsy Cow our next target.

Menu description:
Fried Chz Curdz: Spotted Cow battered chz curdz, served with ranch dressing
HappySchnapps was immediately distracted by the intriguing list of beers on tap, so monopolized the conversation with the waitress:
HS: Do you know what the Lagunitas Maximus is like?
Young, cute blond waitress who likely only drinks MGD 64: Hmmmmm, no.
HS: How about the Ommegang Hennepin?
Waitress: Ummmmm, no.
(HS ended up with the Maximus which he declared was a nice, hoppy, west coast IPA, then proceeded to give Cheezaholic a history lesson on why an IPA is called an IPA: India was a British colony, it was a long voyage, hops is a natural preservative, blah blah blah)

In the meantime, Cheezaholic remained on task:
C: Does the chz come from a local dairy?
Waitress: I don’t know, but I can find out.

She did return with this report: Yes, the chz IS local, it comes from Vern’s. We weren’t familiar with Vern and his chz, but he appears to be a WI chz vendor. Yay, Tipsy Cow!

Tipsy Cow Curdz

Quite delicious! Definitely very fresh, judging from the high level of chewiness. Flavorful, sweet and perfectly salty.


Color was immediately apparent, since much of the chz was in a large pile, no longer in curd form

Greaze Graveyard

Definitely overly greazy (or overtly greazy as the iPhone kept changing it to…also a valid descriptor). Pools of greaze at the bottom, which made us steer clear of the entire bottom layer of curdz.

Extreme Chz Bleed

Very thin breading which resulted in massive curdz explosions, and the most severe case of chz bleed that we have ever encountered. The whole order turned into one gigantic mass of chz. Additionally, there were several instances of hollow curd phenomenon, which was puzzling to us as we have previously only encountered hollow curd with overly THICK batter. Perplexing, to say the least.


Nice and thin, with excellent curd coating capabilities. Very tasty.

$7.00 for a smallish medium order, the bottom layer of which was inedible.

These curdz have the potential to be great, but several things have gone wrong during the execution. Tipsy Cow is a new joint, so maybe they are still working out the kinks. We would not order these curdz again, but would definitely steal a couple off the top of your order if YOU did.

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3 Responses to Tipsy Cow

  1. mlhuebner says:

    First of all, I’m upset by the outcome of this tasting. I had high hopes for Spotted Cow cheese curds. Second of all, I take offense to your “Young, cute blond waitress who likely only drinks MGD 64” comment, as I drink MGD 64 from time to time. I expand my horizons with beer when I’m feeling frisky, but drink MGD 64 when I want to keep my girlish figure.

    Keep the reviews coming!

    • Cheezaholic says:

      Thank you for your comment. As you may have surmised, we are beer snobs as well as chz snobs, and all thoughts of maintaining ones figure typically go out the window during a curd quest.

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