The Bayou

The Bayou New Orleans Style Tavern
117 South Butler Street, Madison WI
Date of Curd Tasting: 21SEP2012

To set the scene: Cheezaholic’s little bro was in town for the UW Enginerd career fair, so when he was done interviewing qualified, though lazy eyed and stuttering, socially awkward future enginerds, he was ready to get his Cajun on. Happy coincidence allowed him to join in on his first curd review, so he was also gonna get his curd on!

Ambiance is Everything

Menu description:
Cajun Chz Curdz. A twist on a Wisconsin favorite, with Westby yellow Cheddar curds hand battered in a light blend of spices and deep fried.

How intriguing. A non-traditional curd. And our second curd in a row from the famed Westby, WI, home of pal Hunter! It was meant to be.

Overview of Bayou Curdz

Spicy. Fresh. Sweet. Chewy. We asked little bro his opinion: “I love anything Cajun, so I’d better not vote”. C’mon, how would you describe them? “OK. Tasty. Authentic Cajun spice with a hint of…I dunno…chz!”. Yummy. Cheezaholic was perplexed: “I don’t know”. Bro: “What don’t you know?” Chz: “The spice to chz ratio.”. Bro: “Duh, that’s what makes them so good!”

The Stretch

Classic orange cheddah.

Absolutely perfect. We could find no faults. No visible grz left on the plate. A nice, light residue left on the fingers, accentuated after a gentle curd squeeze.

Close Up

Wow. More perfection. A unique breading. Light. Fluffy. Flaky. Per little bro: “It is like biting into a cloud!”. Wonderful brown bits. Zero curd explosions. Zero hollow curd.

A very nice, thin, yummy ranch with perfect curd coating capabilities. The cool, creaminess was a welcome addition to the Cajun spiciness.

Decent sized order, priced at $7.59. Typical downtown inflated price. We ate them all…if there had been more, we would have kept on chewing.

The boys were ecstatic with these curdz. Cheezaholic, the chz purist, had trouble rating these curdz so high, but at the same time couldn’t stop shoveling them into her mouth. The whole ambiance of the joint added to the curdz enjoyment. It was cooling down outside, on the eve of autumn, but we felt as if we were sitting in an outdoor Bourbon Street courtyard. The Cajun Spice Band started warming up, and though at first we thought they looked a bit like a Saturday Night Live skit, when they started to play we immediately fell in love. We’ll be back to the Bayou again. The staff was super friendly and helpful, the curdz amazing, and we still have the rest of their yummy menu to sample! We’ll be back real soon, y’all!

The Cajun Spice Band at the Bayou

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