Craftsman Table & Tap, Take 2

Craftsman Table & Tap
6712 Frank Lloyd Wright Ave, Middleton, WI
Date of Curd Tasting: 10JUN2013

To set the scene: We hadn’t been to Craftsman in over a year, and since we were in the neighborhood (and hungry), we decided to stop in to see how they have evolved in the year plus since they’ve been open. One of our favorite curdz to date, we couldn’t think of a better place to choose our first re-review!

Menu description:
Carr Valley Chz curdz. Fat Tire Ale-battered and served with Craftsman buttermilk dressing
A twist since our last visit – they have specified Fat Tire in the batter! Yum.

We re-read our previous Craftsman Curdz review from February 2012, with the whopping score of 18.5. The curdz once again stood up to this rave review! We agreed with every previous description. This is definitely the place to go for curdz in the greater Madison area. Consistently, seriously, delicious!!

One big change from a year ago is the increase in price from $5.99 to $7.99. Pretty hefty price tag for a pile of fried chz, albeit an amazingly yummy pile-o-chz! They must have read our previous review in which we stated: “We all agreed that we would have paid whatever they asked.”. And so we would. And so we did. And so we will again!!!!!!

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