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Scray Cheese Company
Purchased at: Scray Cheese Company
2082 Old Martin Rd, De Pere, WI
Date of Curd Tasting: 17JUL2014

To set the scene: We were on our usual pilgrimage to Door County for a long summer weekend, and since we were passing through the greater Green Bay area, decided to make a stop to grab some road trip necessities (ie. curdz). 4th generation owner, Kayla Scray had contacted us and invited us up to give em a try. We did a bit of research: Scray Cheese Curdz: served in the fried form at Lambeau, chz house located just down the road from where our good friend Cheryl grew up, and she is a big fan. Done and done.


Scray Cheese Company

So many chz options!

So many chz options!

Bags O Curdz

Bags O Curdz

As luck would have it, Scrays produces curdz on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and we happened by on a Thursday. Wahoo! We could not find any flaws. Flavorful. Perfectly salty. Exactly how a curd tastes in your best dream.

Naturally colored with annato.

Made TODAY. Could. Not. Be. Squeakier. Our happiness level went exponentially higher with every springy bite.

All different shapes and sizes, each one a thing of beauty. None were too big, none too small. More perfection.

Only $4.00 for a 16 ounce bag. WHAT? Seriously a great deal compared to the Madison prices we are used to (plus usually only a 12 ounce bag).

Whoa. We are not ones to hand out perfect scores lightly, but these curdz are incredible! Definitely worth the journey, even with all of the road construction detours. And our heads were spinning at the thought of having them fried on the frozen tundra! We’ll be stopping by every time we pass through the area from now on! The whole family agreed:

Moby Mouth

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