Sportsman’s Bar & Grill

Sportsman’s Bar & Grill
506 1st Street, New Glarus WI
Date of Curd Tasting: 04OCT2013

Editor’s note: The date is correct! Somehow these curdz got lost for almost a year!

To set the scene: It was time to catch up with some old friends, and since they are local to the New Glarus area, they took us on a tour of their favorite hang outs: curdz stop at Sportsman’s, before Friday Night fish fry at The Glarner Stube, followed by Cards Against Humanity at Puempel’s Olde Tavern. We always listen to the locals, so pre-gaming for fish fry was on.

OVerviewMenu description:
Chz Curdz
It is likely that we asked which dairy they come from, however our notes were lost due to a phone upgrade. Oops.

Meh, was the first word to come to mind. They were decent. Not awesome, but definitely chew worthy. All the same shape and size, which made us question their authenticity.

Pure and au naturale.

Lots of glisten

Lots of glisten

Pretty greazy. Minor puddle remained in the boat, and fingers were coated. Slightly over the requisite greazy line.


A thick and doughy breading, with a slightly gummy mouth feel. Displeasure likely compounded by an undercooking issue. Pale and sad and not very crispy.


Typical ranch dressing out of a squeeze bottle. Nothin much to talk about.

two dollar billValue…4
Smallish order, but only $4.00. Love those small town prices. However, they were not that enjoyable, which impacted their overall value. Giving everyone change in the form of $2 bills made us smile.

We wouldn’t journey all the way to New Glarus for these curdz, however we definitely would put Sportsman’s on our pub crawl list, given their impressive tap line up of New Glarus Brewery beers. The lovely array of beer beverages even convinced Ms. Sandra to order her first beer since she was 18 years old (P.S. Loved it.)! The curdz were just ok, and as our local pal Tara finally admitted…”They’re better when you’re drunk!”


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