Green County Cheese Days

Green County Cheese Days
Downtown, Monroe, WI
Date of Curd Tasting: 19SEP2014

To set the scene: It was the 100th anniversary of Green County Cheese Days, and we realized with shock and shame, that we had never attended this famed event. Since it is only every other year, and given the momentous hundy, it was a moral imperative to make it happen this year. We have many Monroe ties via both friends and family, and as we prepared for the weekend of chz, it was a pleasant surprise to find out that we are acquainted with both a Cheese Days Princess AND a Cheese Days Prince!

1984-Brad-Grossen-&-Erin-Trampe1996 Adam Hutchinson & Shelley Quade 
Upon arrival…
First stop is the chz curd ticket booth, whereupon you listen to the advice of the local you are with, and each member of your party promptly purchases enough tickets for 4 orders of curdz per person, in the hopes that this will be enough to last the whole weekend.

Ticket BoothCourtHouse







Next stop…
Buy more tickets. For beer this time, of course. Then, on to the Chz Days Store for some souvenirs.

Chz Days StoreBeer








Chz Curd Tent
You are now ready for curdz, so go get in line at the curdz tent, sponsored by the Monroe Optimists Club. Don’t forget your golden ticket. Be patient. There are many Monrovians in the tent working tirelessly, assembly line style. It is worth the wait. This is why you visited the beer tent prior to obtaining your curdz. Enjoy the scene.

GOlden TicketBeer and TIcketsTent o curdzWorkerGet ready to live.
Crunchy, yet soft. Chewy, yet tender. Salty, yet sweet. Tasty beyond tasty. Fried to perfection. As fresh of a curd as can be found on the planet. Monroe is indeed the Chz Utopia of Wisconsin. NAY, the Cosmos! We were at ground zero of Curdlandia, and there was no need to run these curdz through our typical analytical battery of tests and evaluations. Elite. No question. These curdz will cheer you when you are at your lowest. You can sustain on nothing but these curdz for an entire weekend. Plus, they are guaranteed to woo women. They are simply magical.

Curdz 1Curdz 2

Drip on Lady headThe stretchBeyond the curdz…
It was on to the chz gauntlet tent. Vendor upon vendor of delicious chz samples. We traded in another beer ticket, and got in line to face our next destiny. Our favorite on this day was Roth‘s Van Gogh Gouda, closely followed by their Butterkäse.

chz gauntlettackle box
 Van Gogh GoudaButterkase

toothpicksThe night goes on…
The remainder of the Cheese Days extravaganza included a repeat of all of the above. Again. And. Again. Throw in a Pat McCurdy concert followed by a F2F chat with Pat, repeatedly petting every Swiss Mountain Dog and Saint Bernard in sight, and a late night visit to the famed Baumgartner’s, including watching them restock their chz case at 1 am to satistfy the still packed house, before we finally called it a night. We are wracking our brains for some sort of explanation as to why we had not ever attended Cheese Days before now. That travesty has been remedied. C’mon, 2016!!!!

BaumGartnersBaum Chz


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