Paul’s Neighborhood Bar

Paul’s Neighborhood Bar
2401 Parmenter Street, Middleton
Date of Curd Tasting: 19DEC2015

To set the scene: A neighborhood bar in our neighborhood, yet we had never been in it? Friends home for the holidays, plus the prospect of a West side meat raffle with Toad and Schu led us to our own back yard, and the next curd review was on!

Menu description:
Cheese curds.
Say no more. We’re in. The staff was too busy with the raffle to inquire about the dairy.

Paul's CurdzTaste…3
A minor salt deficit per the Middleton locals, but just salty enough for the East side gurlz. Definitely the basic Sysco mass produced variety.


“I got no problem with the greaze level. You gotta have a little.”

Cornmealy rather than beer battery, though nicely crispy. Overly thick with a gummy finish. Dual issues of cheeze bleed + conjoined curd phenomenon, which resulted in a Mickey Mouse curd, strangely symbolic as our friends had just traveled home from Cali!

breading mickey-mouseCondiment…Ranch
Not impressed. “I just didn’t like it” – Toad. “It’s no Hidden Valley” -Schu

$5.00 per basket. Cheap, but just not that awesome of a curd.

Total Score…14
Well, they are better than no curd at all. Yummy enough such that we refused to share beyond our foursome (“Get off your perch! Buy your own, we’re busy!”). We did, however, enjoy Paul’s Bar. And the meat for the raffle came from local butcher Knoche’s, which was nice to hear. Toad triumphantly won a whole chicken, stored in the cooler room for safe keeping, bound to become Beer Can Chicken when the long winter was over. We’ll be back, Paul. And probably order those curdz again.







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