Your Choice

Do you know of some Curdz that we just gotta try? Tell us here.

8 Responses to Your Choice

  1. mlhuebner says:

    I think ya’ll should try 1855 in Cottage Grove. Great cheese curds, and even greater martinis!!!

  2. Cheezaholic says:

    Thanks for the input, we’ll check it out!

  3. toomuch2scrap says:

    I have a new one for you to try. Craft, the new place that replaced Byrd’s in Middleton. They have now replaced Grey’s Tied house for my favorite.

  4. Dreamline77 says:

    My favorite in the area is Deak’s in Stoughton. Best I’ve ever had.

  5. chzcurdcuzn says:

    Been trying chzcurds for many years and have found very good (borderline the best) curds around in North-western, WI. Fried and fresh. You should check it out sometime. Enjoy both with and ice cold Leinenkugels!!

  6. azizhp says:

    Two requests – 1. Culver’s, which is the default curd for most people solely due to location. Want to know how it compares! and 2. The Grumpy Troll in Mount Horeb, which is my favorite curd by far – well worth the trip.

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